There are two kinds of websites: those that work and those that do not. We all want the first type of website. But what happens is that many business owners lose focus on the importance of having, at minimum, an online showcase, and thus thier website falls into disarray.

Website Design Services

This article will cover ideas to review on your website for designing and repairing your existing site. I do want to include this one shameless plug for my ebook that is meant for website owners who have a DIY capability.

The main goal of every website design we complete is producing organic search results located on the first page of results.

The look, feel, and navigation of website pages must have a natural and intuitive flow.

Since 1999, I have been building websites for mostly family-owned businesses and a few larger businesses. There are great tools out there today that allow efficient website building without having to be a super coding geek.

More than two decades ago, the first such program was FrontPage, and I did not get too much into that since it was so buggy and unreliable on different browsers and devices. I used Dreamweaver for a year or two but felt that was too over the top on the interface of actually building the site.

For a while now, I have been having success using Foundry (Elixr Gra[hics) and Rapidweaver (Foundation by Jow Workman) software  Those two web builder tools are drag-and-drop with room for coding and whatever I choose.

Early in my career, I was employed with IMB Global Services, where I was a project manager working on websites and technical documentation with American Express teams stationed around the globe. When I left that to become a high school science teacher, I took on training and facilitating groups covering education topics.

In one training effort, where I was teaching high school science after earning my master's. I was successful in being selected to instruct teachers in techniques that help them learn how to use technology in the classroom.

One of the takeaways I learned in the training segment is that people are very comfortable with a "drag and drop" approach when working on the computer. That understanding carried over so that, in the event, a client wants to take their website in-house, I can easily train them in using the Rapidweaver aor Foundry interfaces, plus the cost of the software is affordable and includes a fixed price with no subscription.

I have experience and expertise using HTML, CSS, Adobe Suite, Affinity Suite, spreadsheets, PDFs, PHP, MySQL, FTP, SSH, e-commerce vendors, and cloud tools like Zapier, along with all variations of alphabet soup.

Most importantly, I speak the language of people who just want a top-quality website that their visitors will find useful, engaging and easy to use.

Developing websites and online businesses is an ongoing education since technology continues to develop at a rapid pace. I am focused on learning the newest techniques, the latest search engine trends, and the overall future direction of the web that will support my website design endeavors.

Website Repair Services

With new technology being developed, you can use your website to automate your workflow with cloud tools and apps.

At the very minimum, your website needs to be responsive, meaning it works on any device the website visitor is using: phones, tablets, laptops, and a desktop computer. Take into consideration using different browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Brave, to name a few.

Finally, according to recent studies, the page load must be quick or the website visitor will close the browser and go to another site.

If you want to add features and functionality to your website, send me a message about the specifics and I can make suggestions.

Here are five tips on how to review your website on a periodic basis.

  1. New Technology
    What new tech will optimize your workflow or improve your conversion rates with website visitors?

    Right now, the chat bot is a good example of new tech for your website. My clients are receiving more direct inquiries with this tool than on their contact page.

  2. Search For Your Site

    Gather some marketing intelligence about your website's performance with search engines.
    Learning how to use search operators will supply you with insights about what needs to be adjusted on your website to perform better in search queries.

  3. Privacy Policy
    The guidelines and policies regarding website user privacy are in flux.

    Here is my page, where I post regular updates so you don't have to dig thru a bunch of sites to figure out what current requirements are.

  4. Content Design

    Keep current with ideas provided by Google developers on how to design your content.
    That information provides a framework to modify your existing content as well as create better content in the future. One current framework is EEAT, which evaluates the value of your content.

  5. Review Your Plan
    When was the last time you dusted off your website plan to evaluate the results?

    What do you want people to view or visit? What is the sales funnel you have in place? Using analytics, when are people leaving your website? How do people find your site? Those results are directed by your online marketing and website development strategies. results from those strategies determine your website authority, which can also be called your online business reputation.

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