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There are significant variables in website design and marketing campaigns that must be adhered with to achieve success. Find ideas and techniques here to keep your website correctly tuned.

Before pressing the gas pedal to the floor, check out these three ideas to structure your website marketing plan.

With a plan before you begin, you can measure your results and make adjustments as necessary.

Your investment in video is permanent media creation.

42% of video marketers say they spend between $0 and $500 on an average video.
18% of video marketers spend between $501 and $1,000 on an average video.
~ Research by Wyzowl

A website is literally a piece of business equipment.

It requires a tuneup, similar to cars when they need an oil change or spar plugs updated.

The susses of your website is reliant upon timely updated to content, architecture, and the strategy you are using to acquire new website visitors.

Technology changes fast, and that pace is increasing as time goes by.

Most website today live in the Web2 world which means they use a front end (think website visitor) and a back end ((thing the code that rebuts our website) and then a store and or inventory (think databases and store architecture).

The web3 world is more decentralized and based on a system of trust based token (think blockchain).

A website tune up is requirement of the Web2 world, which is going to be around for a while.

Video marketing is an easy method to create quality media to show case your products and services.

Videos can also be used for instruction and training. Combine a video with a survey tool to get instant feedback on specific topics which helps to measure content retention.

For several years studies have shown that videos are the most popular media for website visitors to research products and to evaluate the potential purchases and vendors.

"The new year is upon us, but any time is the perfect time to use one or more of these tools to boost your online presence. Coordinating a couple of them will definitely help you with improved search result rankings- organically."
~ Steu Mann
December 20, 2023

Website Optimization

"Five stats to help you get perspective as we head into a new year."
~ Steu Mann
December 8, 2023

SEO Audit

"You cannot go wrong with a FREE SEO audit, which is tailored to your specific website. This will expire at the end of the month."
~ Steu Mann
December 1, 2023

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