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Plan Of Development

"This is a family-owned business. My work is hand crafted and customized to each client."
~ Steu Mann

Plan Of Development is a family-owned business, providing the services of a large website and marketing agency, delivered with hand-crafted products and quality results.

Strategic development coordination services are provided to every client, to educate them on what is helpful and required to succeed. On every website and marketing campaign, a customized plan on success is developed and moved forward to fruition.

Over the last ten years, I have done some gigs with large businesses to migrate documents and files into online systems, such as an online library, and the scope on each of these projects involved hundreds of files.

The client niche I have developed over the years is working with family-owned businesses and local businesses. Some people who contact are price shopping and to those businesses, I suggest going to developers in India and Vietnam, who do excellent work at lower prices.

My clients are most often a successful business who has a website that is not working or out of date, and in a few cases businesses that have no website at all.

It’s one aspect of having a website, but since a website is a living document, it requires attention and care to sustain its search ranking and prestige among its competitors as time goes by.

I am a developer and curator of online business showcases.

Call me today to discuss your project (727) 370-0011.

Steu Mann

Website Design & Online Marketing

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