Search Operators

We all know that keywords are the core infrastructure of every SEO, Search Engine Optimization, strategy.

There is one comprehensive, free tool to give you a universal leap in refining keywords in marketing content.

Yes, it’s Google. But this is taking search engine abilities to the next level.

How To Use Search Operators

Expand your knowledge of Google by using search operators. Conducting research in google using search operators reveals deeper understanding regarding your key words and also the key word strategy of your competition.

When your completion has organic search results better positioned than your organic search listings, potential website visitors tend to click those results first - not yours.


A search operator is a word or character used in google to narrow the parameters of your search. Here are a few:

site intitle intext inanchor OR AND


1) Find the indexed pages in search results of a website: site

2) Find specific words use in title tags on a website: intitle This search shows website that use "red wagons" in their title tag.

intitle:red wagons

3) Or, the opposite, find websites that don’t use a phrase in the title tag: -intitle
This research will tell you keyword results in web page content but exclude websites that only use "green buckets" in a web page title tag.

-intitle:green buckets

4) The inanchor: operator restricts the results to pages you specify in the anchor text or links to the page. For example, restaurants inanchor:gourmet will return pages in which the anchor text on links to the pages contain the word “gourmet” and the page contains the word “restaurants.”

5) Search for X and Y. This will return only results related to both X and Y.

  [burgers and fish](

 Search for X or Y. This will return results related to X or Y, or both. Note: The pipe | operator can also be used in place of “OR.”

[boats OR trucks](

Using search operators will enhance research abilities in online marketing efforts. You can review your site from the perspective of search bots. You will also improve your knowledge on how your competition is ranking above/below you in organic search results. These operators are an increasingly important skill for website administrators.

Date Published: 24 Feb., 2023

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