Website Development

There are five segments to succeed with your website, which means being published and how to sustain results.

Content Creation Services

Online marketing is an ongoing synthesis of your content, aka media, along with the publication methods to deploy.

Overview: How Administration & Management Works

There are five phases of website management that apply to all project. In some cases there is overlap. For example two phases are accomplished in tandem with each other.

(1) Identify Benchmarks
This material will establish the set point of the project. In life coaching we talk about the measurements used today that detail your existing desires. In an online business, that phase will be an audit of website traffic, conversions, or marketing results. The objective is to set the baseline, so in six months we can look back and say, “These results were obvious at the beginning of the project.”

(2) Establish Targets/Objectives
This phase sets the descriptions of success as the project progresses.

(3) Design Project Plan With Tasks/Milestones
Once the success markers are detailed in the previous phase, the design begins to accomplish this objective. Every project is built on the same framework but each project also has customized results.

(4) Implement Plan, Provide Feedback
This phase is the ongoing communication to access, inspire, motivate, and analyze what is currently taking place that will deter or contribute to project success, while also configuring and collaborating on the next steps.

(5) Adapt/Adjust Targets, Timeline
This is an ongoing phase where Established Targets are adjusted along the path of the project.


Americans who would feel uncomfortable with their health care provider relying on AI to help care for them.


About half of Americans have listened to a podcast in the past year, and came across useful news content


Regular website and social media publishing supports improving organic traffic by 437%.


Majority of small business websites lack call to action and strategy to convert visitor traffic.

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