Ideas and tools to modernize your effort on collecting or building backlinks since they are an essential component in successful SEO.

How to Build Backlinks To Your Content

There are several methods to go about link building that include using automation to place backlinks on another website, going to individual websites and creating business profiles with link(s) to your website, and last one is using an RSS feed to distribute your links to other websites.


There are quality services that help you identify how to optimize your website and also specifics on how to make those suggested fixes. Two sites that come to mind as very rustable are SEMRUSH and MOZ.

Both have a free plan that helps somewhat but SEMRUSH free plan does offer more benefits. For example, you can audit one site each month.

The deal with backlinks is understanding the value of each link. By that I mean, some are inherently more valuable than others.

Having a link to your site, aka a backlink, from trustworthy, popular, high-authority sites is considered the most desirable backlink to earn, while backlinks from low-authority or shady sites are considered not good and can even harm the domain authority of your website in the short term or longer.


It's popular and doable to secure backlinks by hand. One method is going to the blog or comment section of a website and adding comments, which include your link or an anchor link in your signature.

This method is going to take more sweat equity since the content of your posting must be relevant and meaningful. Plus, it will take time to discover those resources and go through the admin process to make several postings. For example, in many of those locations, that are deemed quality websites, the site admin will review your post after you submit it, before it's published. This requires you to make a trip back to the site and watch for the publication, or note from admin on why it was not posted.

RSS - Really Simple Syndication

Creating an RSS feed on your site is an easy method to distribute your content. Typically an RSS is used to turn the content of a blog into a feed file. However, you can easily customize your RSS to be a feed of the content on your website.

When you write new content, or a new page on your website, you just add it to your RSS feed as a new item. The search bots are tasked with reading your website content and automatically detect the RSS to distribute it. Plus you can also publish this feed to RSS directories.

RSS is a technology used to subscribe to updates from websites or blogs. RSS feeds allow users to receive new content from their favorite websites without having to visit the website itself. Instead, the user can use an RSS reader or aggregator to collect and display the latest content from multiple sources in one place. This is particularly useful for people who want to stay up-to-date with news, blogs, podcasts, and other types of online content.


There are several key benefits to your website of establishing backlinks. Maybe the most significant benefit is increased website traffic. Since you will have more links out in the view of internet surfers, chances are you will have more traffic to your website, as users may click on those links to visit your content. Another key benefit is boosting your domain authority. The more links you have established on quality websites, the better the impression you make, and the better your domain measures in terms of authority, in the eyes of algorithms. Don't forget about the improvement to your SEO using backlinks. As more links to your content are distributed, those links are helping to identify what your content is all about, which in turn puts a framework in place to define your reputation in the database records of the SEO libraries configured by the algorithms.


A variety of methods and tools to juice your website design, optimize your workflow, and update your online marketing results.

I am launching this page with a section on backlinks in June, check back every month for a new section with new information to support your online business.

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