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Over the years people have sent in comments about my work on their project. Some of the comments are listed below.

"The website is beyond what I expected. Very happy with what you have done, much better than what I had before. The video is amazing! Thank you."
~ Bill, Auto Industry Staffing Solutions

"WOW! This is an outstanding breakdown, thank you so much for providing this review of my website. Wow. I will gather some notes to send your way. Genuinely grateful for your incredible detailed review."
~ Zerin, Stillwater

"I am grateful for the expertise you showed in deciphering a complex website so we could update and revamp it, for helping me learn how to post articles that you encouraged me to write, and for showing me how to build my email list along with using free tools for my mailings. Your assistance with my writing raised it to a higher, finer, more expanded level. I am continuing on with what you taught me ... a million thank yous....."
~ Susan, Spirit Drawings

"Thank you very much about the work to reorg my website content with new SEO techniques. Your idea about using the end cards with a course promo video was new to me; I am definitely going to do that one."
~ Jen, Jen Co Designs

"Steu, very helpful, very thorough and very timely. I really appreciate it. I will raise my price - not as high as those you found, but higher. Thank you."
~ Donald, Author

"It's working. I don't what it is you do. But what you are doing is working or else we would have someone else doing it."
~ Shawn, Marble Concepts

"I love the e-mail for Winter Chickens...looks great with the logo!!"
~ Mary Jane, Winter Chickens

"My customers are finding the bookstore inventory system you put online very easy to use. I receive a lot of positive feedback on it.

Steu designed a web site for us which displays both our "brick and mortar" store Inventory and our On-line Store Inventory. He also handles the weekly updates to the site. Because of Steu, we have a great Customer Service Tool! We highly recommend Steu! He is honest, proficient, and very easy to work with. He delivers what he promises. Thank you Steu, for your attention to detail! "

~ Joe, Southern Oregon Books

"Thanks Steu, I just got a new business partner from my web site. They found me when searching with Non GMO health products consultant. Good job on the SEO."
~ Laurie, Health Coach

"Getting the website done really did help people find me. I was surprised about that. ."
~ Randy, RV Services

"I had a web site that needed some work when I met Steu. He was able to design a new web site plus create a video testimonial with one of my clients, all at a very reasonable fee. I am satisfied with his work and recommend his services. Thank you Steu!"
~ Bruce, BLR Construction

Steu, Thanks, and Thanks! I’m getting calls from the web site. Got three calls, and turned one into a job! Awesome work!"
~ Paul, Blue Turtle Painting

"Steu has done a great job in getting my business on the internet and in Google search results. He follows up on tasks and gets the work done on time. I have suggested him to people I know who are looking to improve their website."
~ Lance, Hill Top Landscaping, LLC

"Steu Mann is a bundle of knowledge, creativity and insights about how to manage a business online and promoting it. He teaches how to ride the waves of overwhelming possibilities online and in the social media. I moved my understanding of it all from being "something out there that other people use" to a tool that I can actually use when needed. Steu Manns classes are packed with useful information and inspiration, his website designs are tailored to your needs since he knows how to tune in to them, ask questions and create great solutions."
~ Mette, Yoga Instructor

"Steu just recently redesigned our website and got us on the 1st page of Google, which we are very happy about :-) Our site has only been up and running a couple of weeks and it's already helped our business. Steu has been honest and easy to work with, we appreciate all the work he's done and would recommend him to others :-)"
~ Michele and Fernando, Skye Roofing

"Steu Mann has been such a wonderfully reliable resource for our organization. He has put together a detailed, organized and easy-to-navigate web-page for Southern Oregon Soccer Academy. Not only is Steu technologically proficient, but he is also very easy to communicate with and is extremely responsive to our 'all too often' requests -which seems like a rarity within the Web/IT world. I would recommend Ez Web and Steu to all who need an intelligent, caring professional to create and manage your business website!."
~ Chris, Southern Oregon Soccer Academy

"My husband and I could not be more delighted with the services Steu has provided us with so far. Before We met Steu we had obtained website and SEO services through another company, Steu couldn't of come at better time as we were completely frustrated with our current website services. Steu was 100% clear on the services he would offer through out of contract period and so far he has stood behind everything he said he would do. I have and will continue to refer customers to Steu. Steu has answered every email and phone call and has met every request based on our Companies needs. If you are looking for a great website service and would like to see your business grow, then I can confidently say you will want have Steu apart of your team.. Thanks for everything Steu!!!."
~ Lisa, Aztec Electrical

"Steu has designed my website as professional as I ever could have hoped for. A loyal and dedicated professional, he stays on task and completes all the objectives set out as the website plan develops. Steu is a very welcome member of my team."
~ Rob, Bear Creek Placer, LLC

© Copyright Protected, All Rights Reserved, Dragon Grog, LLC :: Your privacy is always protected on this website.

© Copyright Protected, All Rights Reserved, Dragon Grog, LLC :: Your privacy is always protected on this website.