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Email marketing is an effective way to reach out to potential customers a proven technique to keep crrent clients engaged.


Email marketing is a proven method to reach new customers in your target audience.

Email communication arrived in 1971. But at 50 years old, email marketing is used more than ever before.

"Email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023."
~ Statista, 2021

We provide an email list based on your target audience's requirements, which we cultivate from public internet records. The list you receive will contain email addresses that have not been sold to another person or business.

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), in 2019, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.

Methods of Email Messaging

By using published records available online, we can search by name, demographic, business type, and in some cases, job title to retrieve email addresses for use in your campaign. We do not resell the emails that we mine for you business. You benefit from fresh email addresses to use as a prospecting list which can be plugged into your sales tools and generate new leads.

The standard price for a list of 1,000 emails is $155.00. Your actual fee may be higher based on the requirements of your list.  

Obviously, the main one is an email address. More importantly, they need to be a representation of your target audience.

A basic camping trip will imply three main sessions over a week to 14 days. Each email is specifically designed and then sent to the email list for the campaign. Each email includes a call to action (CTA), leading back to the sale funnel geared toward your website or to a specific purchase opportunity on your site.

Overall, the email must benefit the recipient, meaning it must include some educational information that interests your target audience.

According to Hubspot in a research report from 2021, "the most effective strategies for email marketing campaigns are 1) using subscriber opt-in; 2) personalizing the email content; 3) automating the email campaign; and 4) maintaining a healthy email list."

Types of Messaging

The common types of emails sent in an email marketing campaign can include the following:

Promotional Message
This email has a focus on a purchase offer that is a special price or feature outlined in the email content.

Informational Message
We receive these all the time in the form of emails containing a newsletter, a news update, or a specific announcement.

Empty Cart Message
These gave no name to re-engagement. Many shopping cart vendors send them out if you leave a website but also have an item or two in your shopping cart.

Survey Or Review Message
Sending an email to a client to gather a testimonial or quick survey about how they rate what they have received

Text Message
Realistically, sent text messages are the same type of campaign as email, used for the same type of content as traditional email, and cell phones are with potential customers 7/24.

Messaging and Privacy

The biggest hit to email marketing recently has been from Apple's iOS 15 and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 

The main one is that recipients can shield their email to prevent returning an "opened" status to the email sender.

For most marketing professionals, the goal of their email content is to generate increased website visitor traffic and verified leads for specific products or services. In those terms, the privacy regulations don’t have a significant impact because when the quality of the email is enticing, readers will click that link, which produces more website traffic.

We have talked about this before, but once again, let's reiterate that your website is the hub of your online universe. To get a deeper understanding of that, this is a shameless plug for my ebook, The Seven Pillars To Online Business Success.

Devices And View Potential

In 2021, a study reported that 41% of email opens came from mobile devices, followed by 36% on desktops. One of the main issues that marketing campaigns have is that their content is not designed for viewing on mobile devices.

Surprisingly, 8 out of 10 people will open a welcome email, generating four times as many opens as other email types, according to GetResponse.

As far as the spam filters go on email client software, about 16% of emails have been caught by those filters. reports that 99% of email users check their inbox every day, and many of those do a lot more checking than once.

Objectives of Email and Text Marketing

In the first phase of email marketing, clearly, the main objective is to first generate the recipient opening the email, and of these folks, to have them click a link in the email, taking them to your website.

In the next phase, while on your website, the goal is to convert the reader by having them take one action or another. Maybe they watch a video, click a link to another page, become a subscriber, or make a purchase.

How the conversion takes place is dependent on how you design your content, specifically the design of your sales funnel.

You are going to use the analytics from your website to view the behaviors of website visitors and then modify your content and sales funnels to optimize your process.

The good news is that most of this process can be automated so that you or one of your employees is not saddled with new work or task requirements.

Vendors And Service Providers

Once you have a verified list of email addresses, you are ready to design and send your email using your own system. You can also work with an email service provider (ESP).

An ESP is a closed system that allows you to design, send, and track your emails. It will also automatically unsubscribe people from your list who click unsubscribe. You still have control over your email list and can download it. The ESP also provided analytics on activity like opens and clicks.

Here is a list of a few of the more popular ESPs: Brevo, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Convertkit, Klaviyo, Mailjet, Mailerlite, GetResponse, Amazon SES, Odo, and HubSpot.

There are cloud vendors with reliable services that can pull the segments of an email or text message campaign together and do the heavy lifting. One vendor is Zapier, and there are others.

There are several text message services available. I have used ones dedicated to my website host. I think as time goes by, there will be a flurry of these vendors too.

How To Compare ESP's

Here are several features common to ESP that you can use to do your shopping.

Send volume
How many emails can you send and how often?

Number of contacts
What is the count of email addresses and how will they bill you?

Email design
What are you skills with designing email using HTML or WYSIWYG interface? Can you design the email in Word and paste it in to the interface?

What type of automaton is available and does it sort extra?

The bottom line, what are you paying and what are your receiving?


Two immediate benefits of a messaging campaign are increased awareness of your brand and an improved opportunity to connect with potential clients.

Remember, the people who don’t want to hear from you anymore will click the unsubscribe link and be taken off the list. The people or businesses that remain are open to receiving your email, which is why you want to handcraft your message and be sure that the email list you use is fresh and has not been sold to other businesses or email campaigners.

In terms of strategy, keep in mmind that email marketing and text messaging are not overnight successes.

It takes time to cultivate your voice and craft, plus deliver the optimum message, which includes the appropriate sales funnel, to convert website visitors.

Many people begin message marketing by identifying the most favorable demographics to connect with their target audience. With that accomplished, they can intelligently drill down on the offer or promotional message to distribute.

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