Service contractors fare better when not spending time assembling and repairing the build and maintenance of websites with SEO.

8 Essential Benefits To Service Contractors

Over the years I have worked with dozens of service contractors, For example, plumbers, contractors, and roofing companies. To make their business a success they must focus on their trade not figuring out the build and maintenance of websites, SEO, and marketing,

I am suggesting that service contractors hire a service, like mine, to design, repair, and sustain their website content and social media marketing and that by doing they will receive these eight essential benefits in their service contractor business.

#1 Instant Reputation Builder

The website builds your brand especially the longer it's up and running and building links with other relevant websites. Business today is about brand recognition and a website is the recognized cornerstone to accomplish that effort.

#2 Marketing Effort Automatic: 7/24/365

The website content and connection to social media accounts build a matrix of information distribution potential. For example, when people are looking for a service and find the service contractor page, they can easily click a link and view the website. Plus, content can serve multiple purposes. For example, photos on your website in a gallery or article can also be published in social media posts with a link back to your website page.

#3 Business Showcase

Having a website, with a domain you own, means owning your real estate on the internet. When using just a social media page, there is not ownership there. Besides, having a website and building website visitor traffic is a business asset that can be sold with the business. A quality website contributes to enhancing the company's value.

#4 Trust & Confidence

Posting testimonials brings confidence in your services to prospective clients. What separates your business from your competition? Testimonials are the foundation of demonstrating your success in the community.

#5 Maximize Marketing Dollars

With your website, you can dial in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization/Marketing) so that you reach a specific niche of people. For example, you want to reach only customers in three pipes that include five different cities, plus you inly want residential customers in these cities. By building your website content, and by publishing specific content in your social media, you will achieve reaching residential customers in those five cities. That effort is referred to as content marketing.

#6 Cost Effective

Your website is a tool in your business - a marketing tool. Securing a quality domain is the start of your website. At Google Domains it will cost you $12-$20 a year. Next, you hire someone, like me, to build your website starting small with a plan to grow your site as your budget improves and you have more content (project pictures) to share. The cost of that initial site, which will include effective SEO if you use me, will cost $650 - $950 for the year - that is a fixed fee. Included with that superior SSL certificate.

Basically, for less than $80 a month, you are up and running with a quality website, an email address that uses your domain instead of gmail or yahoo, along with paid website hosting.

#7 Expanding Marketing Possibility

When placing your content on a social media channel, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, you provide opportunities for people and businesses to discover your services and products. Plus, you make create opportunities to receive comments on your work product(s).

According to Pew Research Center in 2011 half of Americans used social media and today 72% of Americans use social media.

#8 Online - Easy To Find

“As of 2022, 93% of the population use the internet, and 85% of Americans use it every day. A further 31% say they're online almost constantly,” according to Zippier.

The days of the yellow pages in the paper are over, or what I mean is that even the yellow pages have a website nowadays and will probably be contacting you about advertising there. If they do, are you going to advertise without having a website that you direct people to?

But if they do, is your money better spent with them or doing your own marketing in social media to your target audience?

Below is a key statistic to consider.

According to numerous studies, over 80% of consumers conduct research online before making a purchase.

If you don't have a website, or your website does not represent your abilites today, what is the message you are sending to potential customers?

What I want to say is, the bottom line, to grow your business in an optimized manner you must deploy a professional website and then make sure its findable in the search engine results.

If you are a plumber, and someone searches with “residential plumber near me” and you don't appear on the first page of the search results then chances are you will not receive a glance or a call.


The thought I want to plant with you today is that the optimum short-term result and long-term result for expanding your business is publishing a quality website that includes effective SEO.

I believe that implementing that strategy is the best buy for your marketing dollars.

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