Three important reminders about keeping your content tuned to current search ranking techniques.

SEO Essentials


When you optimize your page content, you adjust the page's formatting and the actual verbiage as well as the media used on the page. Sometimes this is also referred to as content marketing. 

In most instances, content marketing is the production and distribution of quality media that promotes your brand, is educational, and is optimized to current search technology standards (algorithms).

Five quick tips to build a better SEO'd page

1) Be sure your page contains at least one TITLE tag. 2) Place your description tag content in the top half of the page. 3) Be sure you use a key word or phrase in the browser window text. 4) In the HEAD tag, include the canonical tag. 5) Use live chat or another service to link to your web pages to boost your domain authority.


Every web page needs a CTA (call to action). This can be a button, a link, or included in a pop-up window. Use those pop-up windows sparingly since studies show website visitors are not fans of them.

A CTA can be a subscribe opportunity, watch a video, view an article, or the obvious one, make a purchase. The point is you want the visitor to do something, take action.

In your analytics software, you can examine the behaviors of your visitors and fine-tune the content and CTA to improve engagement.

Two handy and free analytics software programs are Google Analytics and Matomo Analytics.


Once your website is published, you can use Google Console to see how it conforms to Google's requirements. That console is a free service, but it's basic.

You want to continually refresh the content on your website pages. This means the search bots will be attracted to your page.

As you know already, quality content is the key. But the second key is now the frequency of content updates. Years ago, the content refresh requirement was not as prevalent as it is today.


Optimizing your web pages and your website architecture is different nowadays than it was in years past. You have to stay on top of refreshing your content, optimizing your meta tags, and building links into your website that will boost your domain authority.

What used to be termed "page ranking" has now become "domain authority," with, of course, more variables in the algorithm. The easiest way to make positive steps forward is to produce highly trafficked inbound links to your site. For example, posting a video on YouTube or Vimeo is a simple strategy. I previously mentioned adding a live chat service to your pages.

Overall, you are not creating or establishing your domain authority overnight. It will take time and, as always, quality content and media publishing, which is permanent media. You own it, and it will be there until you take it down.

Published 1 April, 2023

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