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From start to finish, we refresh and repair your website within 15 days of receiving payment.

Optimize Your Bbusiness Showcase

Our phone conversation(s) determine project requirements to be accomplished, then website work begins immediately.

Infuse your business showcase with trending SEO technology and Web3 techniques.

FREE WEBSITE HOSTING - 24 MONTHS: Unlimited Bandwidth, 99% Guaranteed Uptime.


  1. Pay your deposit of $99 and provide your contact details.
  2. Steu will call you to discuss your website details and improvements within 2 days of receiving your payment.
  3. Steu will send you email to confirm phone discussion details on project work of website.
  4. You review that email and when ready send half of the project fee, $299.00, which is discussed in email you received.
  5. Steu calls you to confirm scope of work and the receipt of you partial payment on project fee.
  6. Work begins on your project and will be completed within 10 business days. Final payment of $299.00 due within 45 days.

“Steu was 100% clear on the services he would offer throughout of contract period and so far he has stood behind everything he said he would do.” ~ Troy, Aztec Electrical

“Thanks Steu, I just got a new business partner from my web site. They found me when searching with Non GMO health products consultant. Good job on the SEO.” ~ Laurie, Health Coach

“I appreciate the work you have done to build my website into a showcase of my homes and construction services. I am happy with the results.” ~ Wayne, Vanwey Homes

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