Improving your online business means keeping current with trends today, and staying informed as search technology changes for design and marketing with websites.

How do I build a better website?

This depends on where you are in your experience level and the degree to which you are creating content. Many website-building efforts do not cover all seven essential areas of a successful website. Many website owners may write good content but need support in learning SEO. While others may be better at running their businesses but are not sure how all the comments on a website come together to create a website, aka a business showcase.

There are technical and creative skills required in a website business endeavor. With the correct understanding and generous amounts of sweat equity, anyone will succeed in building, designing, publishing, and maintaining a website.

It is very possible and probable that people can become excellent at DIY website building, but, like many other efforts in life, it's a practice that evolves over time.

What are the necessary components of a website?

My ebook covers a comprehensive list of seven components required in every website builder, which you can view in the ebook reading sample.

But don’t get confused because the arena of your online business showcase includes website infrastructure as well as content marketing, which includes SEO, plus a plan of online marketing to successfully move forward with specific objectives. The entire arena is covered in detail in my ebook.

When are SEO techniques implemented?

There are specific strategies for website architecture and content that are detailed in my ebook.

You can apply those methods to whatever type of website is being designed, rebranded, or just under consideration.

I have included pricing information for website SEO in case you want to hire or compare vendors. The ideas I share in my ebook, which I have developed over the years working on website projects, will help you make informed choices on SEO campaigns covering any type of website.   Just don’t expect to use those techniques and, in a week, see the desired organic listings in the search results that you are expecting. Keep in mind that search engines are not instantaneous.

Once you upload content, it takes the search engines weeks to process it and then compile your content into algorithms that determine the results displayed as organic listings.

I give myself 4-6 weeks to see SEO changes once I have made major changes to a website. I promise that with my ebook, you will enhance your DIY marketing results.

How does business intelligence benefit my website?

I think there are two distinct types of intelligence in your online business. One is knowing your competition, and the other is knowing your target audience—your customers.

How do you better understand what your competition is doing in marketing? That answer may help you improve yours. This is covered in my ebook.

Over the years,  I have seen successful businesses become overwhelmed with new business once they have a website in the search engines. Growing pains are real, every business must learn to keep pace with expansion. With a sudden influx of inquiries and potential customers, how will you trim or optimize your process(es) to evaluate customers and get them into the order pipeline? This perspective is covered in my ebook for website owners.

Is my website included in search engines?

Google produces bots that prowl the billions of websites. They collect information about your pages and categorize it in the Google archives and knowledge vaults.

The first page of search results is determined by the search parameters submitted and what appears is based on a ranking system based on the guidelines of search protocols.

When you pay to have your business appear in your custom ad in Google Ads, your website will appear when searches are performed that relate to the keywords or phrases you have designed in your Google Ad Words campaign planner. The caveat is that when you stop paying for the ad-word campaign, your results stop too.

My ebook covers how to set up SEO, with the goal being that your website appears as an organic listing when searches are performed that relate to the keywords or phrases you have geared your content towards. Organic results do not require money spent on Google ads, but they do require your sweat equity in DIY online marketing. I promise my ebook will improve your skills for successfully producing organic results when you follow my instructions.

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