All you need is one Gmail account credential to access these productive tools and marketing applications.

#1 Google Sense

Use this tool to place ads on your web pages and earn money as your website visitors click the ads to see the new webpage content of the advertiser.

This tool uses your site as a marketplace where you supply the visitors to advertisers.

While this may draw people to your website, depending on your SEO strategy, this tool may disrupt the message you want to convey to search bots.

For example, if your business is a bakery and you are advertising anything other than bakery items, the search bots may tend to derail your organic search listings.

Always keep links on your website to relevant content relating to your core website products and services.

#2 Google Search

We all know what Google Search is, the number one search engine in the world.

SEO will help you improve your organic search listings relating to your content.

Or, use paid advertising to ensure that your listing is located at the top of the search results page.

#3 Data Snippets

Schema is the tool to learn more about structured data snippets which are a code designed by Google developers to assist search bots in providing more descriptive content about your website.

The site has many tutorials and test tools to check on the snippets you publish on pages for correct methods and style.

Without using these snippets your SEO effort is very tenuous.

#4 Google Trends

I consider this to be more tool to refine SEO techniques and also a marketing research tool.

If you want to find out about your competition, type in products or services you have and see what appears. The results displayed are organic. Check out the websites of your competitors.

Use the methods they are already using to jump-start your SEO, and content marketing along with gaining a better understanding of what they are using for an efficient outbound link strategy.

Obviously if your competition is displaying here and you are not displaying, you have some modifications to make to improve those three items: SEO, content marketing, and link strategy.

#5 Google Search Console

Use your Gmail account credentials to log into this tool.

You can manage more than one website here. You will need to have the Google Analytic code installed on your website first. Be sure you are using the updated versions of Analytics (after June 30, 2023).

The three key components to review.
- Make sure your sitemap is being indexed.
- Reviewing page “not indexed” errors to correct hose pages.
- Make sure analytics in installed properly, otherwise you will not see statistics.

Visitor stats are available here bt to see a more comprehensive view with additional options see Google Analytics.

#6 Google Analytics

This is a comprehensive tool and all you need to do is set up the code in the header of your web page.

To get more juice e from the analytics you can use tag manager. For example, say you want to know what views are being viewed or what buttons are being selected by website visitors.

To accomplish this you setup a tag for each specific content which produces a reportable action to identify specific results covering whatever the tag represents.

#7 Google Think

This tool lets you peek into the world of Google to see what they are considering and reviewing. It can be helpful in terms of shaping your strategy about your products, services, or your website content.

#8 YouTube

This is the second-largest search engine in the world and Google owns it.

Video is the hottest, most popular, content on any platform and/or device.

That is the good news if you are doing video marketing.Its easy to share your video from this platform to other channels such as social media.

The bad news is you don't own the content once you upload to Google, nor do you own the channel.

#9 Google Business Profile

With your gmail account credential you can log in here and setup a profile on your business that is directly in Google. This is a great method to validate your business in the eyes of Google Search.

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